The Spirit of Hamilton Company

A playground for creative development: Hamilton – The Measure of Excellence. “Thinking outside the box” is not just a wish – it is an invitation.

Innovation is our life.

Hamilton is an employer that encourages its employees to turn their visions into reality. Creativity is promoted by ample freedom. Boundaries are constantly redefined as the latest technology is discovered and deployed. Scope for risk-taking is deliberately allowed. This attitude gives Hamilton its exemplary character as a company.

We communicate openly.

Both the company’s higher vision and the specific steps and results on the way towards it are known to all employees, at all levels, at all times. Information is passed on promptly and appropriate to level. Questioning is essential, and it is vital to obtain definite answers. Hamilton employees always have an open ear for each other’s concerns.

We are co-entrepreneurs.

Hamilton requires its employees to act in cooperation, on their own initiative and responsibility. That applies at all levels. Through commitment, every member of Hamilton’s staff makes co-entrepreneurship a reality at the workplace. As an employer, Hamilton promotes training, coaching, and the development of personal expertise.

We have our sights set on specific goals.

Hamilton employees see themselves as a team with clearly defined goals. All are equal within this team, which presupposes the utmost openness. By working out goals together, the team forges a united spirit that supports and motivates each member and is reflected in all entrepreneurial actions.

We are lateral and critical thinkers.

Trust and respect are the basis of teamwork and target-oriented actions. Where people work, mistakes are unavoidable. Our employees use mistakes as a chance to push the creative processes forward. Criticism and lateral thinking are understood as part of constructiveness and are always verbalized objectively. Decisions are assessed for their long-term effects and made in an appropriate time frame.

We are our customer’s ambassadors.

We are all called upon to always know our internal and external customers’ requirements and needs. In our thinking and acting we are the ambassadors of these customers’ needs. We think global but act according to local conditions. Our behavior is authentic, competent and open to other cultural customs.