Our Subs

Nine subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Romania, Spain and Sweden support Hamilton in order to serve its partners competently and comprehensively.

Internationally networked

The subsidiaries are independent, dynamic companies. They are run by country managers who are in close contact with the head office in Bonaduz. The oldest subsidiary is Hamilton Germany GmbH (founded in 1977) and with more than 200 employees in Timişoara – Romania, we have another big subsidiary – in addition to the headquarters.

The most recent two companies were founded in 2016 and are called Hamilton Ems AG and Hamilton Iberia S.L.U. There is also Hamilton Sales and Service U.K. Ltd. in the UK, Hamilton France SARL, Hamilton Nordic AB in Sweden, Hamilton Storage GmbH in Domat / Ems and Hamilton Italia S.R.L. Together, they employ around 120 people.

The subsidiaries have grown continuously in recent years. The average sales growth was more than 10 percent per year. Today, the “Subsidiaries” not only cover the domestic market, but supply entire clusters of selected countries within and outside of Europe. In addition to the distribution of products, application development and aftersales support are also taken over.

New building in Ems

With the new building in Domat / Ems – the start-ceremony was in September 2016 – space was created for vertical integration. After completion in spring 2018, plastics technologists, automation specialists and production staff will provide new expertise in plastic injection molding and more independent production of consumables for Hamilton ventilators.

The new production facility in the industrial park Domat / Ems.