Hamilton – Playground for Adventurers

Tower cranes stretch skywards in Domat/Ems. It is a sign of progress, and at Hamilton, one of the largest employers in south-eastern Switzerland, that has been the motto from the word «go.»

Hamilton is different. Hamilton is American, a local Graubünden company, and international at the same time. Here in Bonaduz, tradition and innovation meet. Together, these apparently opposite characteristics forge a successful alliance. Since acquiring another new building in 2009, Hamilton Bonaduz AG and Hamilton Medical AG have become an even more fertile breeding ground for new ideas. Some quickly rocket skywards, producing a beacon effect visible from a great distance. The Lab Analytics, Process Analytics, Life Science Robotics, Medical, Robotics Platform, Shared Services, Quality Management System, Storage and Manufacturing business units continuously offer job seekers an attractive playground for personal development.

Rational Research and Production

Life science and medical technology are Hamilton’s business. A visionary idea for medicine and research has now grown into a dynamic employer with activities around the globe.

Research that explores unknown fields; penetration and development of new markets: there’s no stopping a passionate player. Hamilton employees are constantly striving to launch first-class technological products that promote human health and well-being. But lofty aspirations are only achievable with a lively team spirit. Hamilton is looking for people with the will to realize their dreams and to probe new horizons together. Could your dream soon be part of our success?