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We offer trial apprenticeships for various jobs and here you will find all the information you need. Have you already chosen your apprenticeship profession? Then apply now! To do this, call up the trial profession and submit your application.

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Have you already found your apprenticeship, had a trial with us and are you ready for an apprenticeship with a top company? Then apply now to our apprenticeship:

We are looking for your talent and offer you training that is based on the principle of “challenging and promoting”. We also require a forward-thinking attitude among our apprentees, and we also create the conditions for development opportunities for our young talents. At Hamilton, we aim to train young people and keep them in our company after graduation. We are currently training nine different apprenticeships: automation technicians, , automation mechanics, mechanical operators, polymechanics, constructing designers, commercial clerks, electronic technicians, logisticians and computer scientists.

We understand our apprenticeship-education to be the promotion of young people in their professional and schooling career, but also in the area of social skills. Our apprentees are involved in processes and decision-making from day one, can bring in their own ideas and assume responsibility. Talent promotion is also reflected in support for participation in professional competitions, such as the SwissSkills.

The apprenticeship at Hamilton not only means training young talents, we also offer numerous trial opportunities in different groups for choosing a career. Together with the digital agency 08eins, we are also a co-founder of the MINT ACADEMY, which offers extended courses and workshops in the areas of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology for primary school students.

We not only promote professional talents, but also talents in sport. As a competitive sports-friendly company, we attach great importance to the compatibility of passion and training. We are firmly convinced that training in sport also enormously enriches our talent in the apprenticeship education and creates a benefit value for us as a company.

As in sport, we also promote our professional talents. Hamilton is a regular participant in the Swiss Professional Championships SwissSkills or the Professional World Championships WorldSkills. And we are successful: We have been able to celebrate numerous medals and awards in recent years and lay the foundation for the continued success of our talents every day.

The MINT ACADEMY is a partnership support program for the training of MINT specialists beyond the borders of Grison. With the commitment of partners 08eins and the University of Applied Sciences Grison, young people are offered a comprehensive range of training courses in the areas of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.


Nina Panzer

Apprenticeship Development Specialist

Phone: +41 58 610 15 60