Entry Options

We offer entry and development opportunities at all levels, whether you’re a school pupil who has yet to start vocational training, a student seeking an internship or an experienced old hand looking for a fresh challenge. We are aware of the strengths that come from having a healthy mixture of talented individuals – some who have tried-and-tested experience and others who have yet to gain work experience.

    For experienced entrants

    You have already gained work experience but now you wish to apply your knowledge and experience at Hamilton, thus helping us to grow while simultaneously advancing your own career? Super, we look forward to receiving your application.

    Whether you work in product development, product marketing, or in the areas of quality assurance, process development in technical support, or in another area, we have many jobs on offer in areas where we value professional experience.

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    For career starters

    From theory to practice: We offer exciting opportunities for university and technical college graduates, as well as for other career starters.

    Part of our “recipe for success” includes having a mix of generations. We believe that a good generational blend helps to ensure that we enjoy stable, long-term growth. To ensure that we maintain our innovative strengths, we consciously rely on career starters and graduates from universities and technical colleges.

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    For lateral entrants

    You have gained professional experience in another field but are now seeking a completely new challenge? If you can convince us and enable us to see your potential, then there’s nothing to stand in the way of a mutually beneficial future.

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    For students (internships and other opportunities)

    Would you like to gain practical insight prior to or during your studies? We offer various opportunities for working students and university students who would like to complete an internship of 6-12 months with us (optional and compulsory internships). Depending on the subject area and field, it may also be possible for you to complete your thesis or final-year project with us. Successfully completing an internship has often opened the door to a permanent job with us later on.

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    Would you and your class or members of your course like to gain further insights into Hamilton (e.g. through an exchange or a guided tour of the plant) and our career opportunities? Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss the options with you: jobs@hamilton.ch

    For school pupils (apprenticeships and taster offers)

    If you are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship with us, or if you simply want to get a taste of what might await you, then you can find all of the relevant information on our vocational training site.

    Further Information

    Development Opportunities

    We are continuously developing ourselves every day to ensure that we remain innovative in the dynamic arena of the health industry. Hence, we place great value on having diverse opportunities for further training and individual development.

    Working With Us

    We are offering you the right environment to live out your passion in your specialist field and beyond. Working with us, you will be able to contribute your ideas and actively help to shape Hamilton’s future.

    What We Offer

    Working is easiest in a motivating environment. At Hamilton, in addition to our legendary Christmas party, we also provide a modern staff restaurant, diverse leisure facilities, modern working conditions, and much more.

    I was looking for a job where I could put myself out there and have an impact.

    Flavio Fontana

    Team Leader Engineering Digital Solutions, Hamilton Medical AG

    When I accepted this job, I had no idea what lay in store for me.

    Gabriela Fisch

    Team Leader Development Mechanics, Hamilton Bonaduz AG

    We are world market leaders in various sectors of the life science industry. It’s fun to be involved in the development of such equipment. In addition, we produce highly useful products that ultimately benefit people.

    Carl Meinherz

    Electrical Engineer, Hamilton Bonaduz AG
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