Christoph Münch

Project Leader, LSR Product Development Hardware

From Basel to Chur, via Chile

All roads lead to Hamilton. Or at least, they do for mechanical engineer Christoph Münch, who found his way to Bonaduz via Chile.

Christoph Münch and his then girlfriend had a common aim: to live and work in Santiago de Chile. In 2015, he left his beloved Basel behind and went off in search of adventure. For the first three months, Christoph attended a language school in order to brush up on his Spanish. His vocabulary rejuvenated, he quickly found a job as a process engineer at an industrial laundry facility. Everything seemed perfect – the apartment, the job, the coworkers. Perfect, that is, until his relationship with his girlfriend ended unexpectedly. Going back to Switzerland sooner than planned was a hard choice for him to make, but looking back, it was the best choice. Back in Basel, he had no commitments. The perfect situation for a new start in a new city. Or, in a tranquil place like Bonaduz.

Settling in Smoothly
As soon as he came back, Christoph (now 32) found a job as a mechanical engineer at Hamilton. “It was all so easy,” he recalls, “I felt at home from the very start. Both as part of the team, and in my new environment.” It is no surprise that Christoph settled in so quickly. His openness and his hearty laugh are both infectious. However, early in the morning, it is best to leave him alone – by his own admission, he is not a morning person. Despite this, he still starts his working day just after seven in the morning. Of course, sometimes he makes an exception and sleeps in a little longer. After all, Hamilton employees enjoy flexible working hours – just one of the many benefits that Christoph greatly appreciates.

Since he started in April 2016, Christoph has been the project leader on various customer projects. Part of his job is the (often complex) integration of third-party devices, and the development of additional modules for standard solutions and new applications. “The work is extremely varied and this is precisely what attracted me. I like variety – I like to finish one project and then start something new.”

The Best Three Days of the Year
His preference for trying new things on a regular basis does not necessarily apply to his main hobby, the Basel Carnival (Basler Fasnacht). This carnival has a special place in Christoph’s life. He has been actively involved in it since he was seven. “Even at a very early age, I was very clear about what I would do – I would drum,” says Christoph. And that is what he does at the carnival to this very day. His parents and his siblings are also in the same carnival group, the Rootsheere. Anyone who has watched the Basel Carnival knows that it is a carnival with a difference. It goes deeper than the surface, often providing a critique of society. Dressing up and drinking play a secondary role, and what is more, dressing up is for active members only. “Obviously some drinking goes on as well, but in moderation. After all, we need to be able to drum and play instruments,” he says with a smile. “Outside of carnival time, Basel is a rather formal place. But during carnival, everyone becomes equal, and everyone has fun together. For me, carnival time is the best three days of the year!”