Fabian Eng

Design Draftsman

A Passion for Fine Products

Fabian Eng knows exactly how to put his talents to the best possible use in order to achieve his aims.
Whether he is designing fine products or battling against the elements, he is an expert.

Fabian Eng has been working at Hamilton as a design draftsman since 2013. Now 29, Fabian could have seen himself working at Hamilton much earlier in his career – after all, he did his first work experience at Hamilton when he was training to be a designer. After an apprenticeship at another company and doing his military service, Fabian felt himself drawn back to the school desk once again. He enrolled at the Center for Continuing Professional Development (Zentrum für berufliche Weiterbildung – ZbW) in St. Gallen to train as a qualified mechanical engineering technician over the course of three years alongside his work. After spending 10 years with the same employer, he felt the time was right for a change. “I have always been interested in medical and laboratory devices, so Hamilton is ideal for me,” he explains.

From Syringes to Needles to Valves
He is responsible for customer-specific inquiries, and for designing syringes, needles, and valves. In addition to ongoing projects, he also works on development projects. A development project that he worked on during the last few years was a standard portfolio for needles and valves. This was a very complex project, but he powered through it by using his initiative and by exhibiting exemplary perseverance. Over the course of countless hours, he conducted tests, recorded and evaluated data, and then produced over 100 drawings of the different product variants. The end result is a brochure that makes it easier for customers to customize and order the product that is right for them.

When Fabian talks about his project, you can see his face light up. You truly can feel his enthusiasm for the fine products he makes. What he appreciates about his job is that he has the opportunity to contribute his ideas and develop something new. He also likes the short lines of communication and the congenial attitude within the team. “Two of the people in our team have been there for more than 20 years now. We younger team members benefit from their skill and experience, and they benefit from our knowledge of the latest technical advances. This means that we are always sharing ideas, which helps to prevent organizational blindness.”

Always Ready for Action
After a demanding day working very precisely and at a very high level of concentration, Fabian looks to sport for balance. He also keeps a balance in his life by doing something different with his spare time, namely battling the elements: Fabian has been a firefighter in the Landquart Fire Brigade for two years now. Thanks to his congenial approach to his colleagues and his skills as a truck driver (gained during his time in the military), he was quickly promoted to the position of group leader. This means even more time and effort is required of him than before. Therefore, it is not unusual to see him at the fire department depot on a weekly basis. He does a lot for the fire brigade at home too – he prepares lessons and exercises, for instance. Then in addition to all of that, there are the emergencies (around 50 per year) such as building fires or forest fires, floods, road accidents, and animals that need to be rescued. But Fabian’s choice to help people was a conscious one, and he remains relaxed despite his packed schedule.