Hamilton continues its success story

Erstellt am 30. Jan 2020 von

For the previous financial year 2019, the company, which is based in Bonaduz and Domat/Ems, can again report strong growth. Hamilton, which already experienced a record year in 2018, has thus regularly exceeded its sales and profit records over the past 18 years. Despite difficult market conditions, the Life Sciences and Medical Technology company reported a sales increase of 7.9%.

“We have defied difficult market conditions and have met our expectations by confirming a record year”, CEO Andreas Wieland is visibly satisfied. Over the past 18 years, Hamilton has grown steadily, rising from record to record. “This development is naturally a source of pride, especially during this past year, one in which we had to face great challenges”, said Andreas Wieland. He added: “In addition to our innovative strength and high-quality products, we continue to assert ourselves in the market through our know-how and the commitment of our employees”.

Growth at the expense of competitors

As was the case in the previous year, the investments made in distribution, production and digitization are paying off. Thus, stronger market penetration is being made at the expense of the competition. It should be emphasized that Hamilton managed this, in spite of a subdued global economic situation, brought on by trade disputes and the uncertainties associated with the Brexit issue. “It is important for us to gain market share in highly competitive markets and to make advances into new areas through research and development. With our current products, and those we are currently developing, we will continue to succeed in the future”, Andreas Wieland remains convinced.

Innovations for tomorrow as drivers

“We drive innovation to improve people’s lives” is Hamilton’s vision. “That means that we develop today what people will need tomorrow. This is a strong vision for us, because it demonstrates the usefulness and importance of our work. And it drives us all”, explained Andreas Wieland. Now, it is important to carry the momentum of the past year with us and continue on the path we have chosen. Prioritized areas of activity such as digitization and increased efficiency will continue to be driven forward in 2020, always with the vision in mind.