Our Business Units

We as the Hamilton Group with the Bonaduz and Domat / Ems based companies Hamilton Bonaduz AG, Hamilton Medical AG, Hamilton Storage GmbH and Hamilton Ems AG are among the technology leaders in the areas of Life Science, Storage, Measurement and Medtec. Our success story is based on the invention of the microliter syringe (1947) by American chemical engineer Clark Hamilton. Today we produce precision instruments for research and industry as well as intelligent ventilators. In addition, we are strongly represented in the growth markets of genetics and robotics. Around the world, we have over 2,500 colleagues working in various business units.


Within the Robotics Business Unit, Hamilton develops and produces pipetting robots for the automation of liquid handling processes; from standard solutions to highly complex systems that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our customers come from a wide range of research and development backgrounds. This ranges from the pharmaceutical and food industries, all the way to cell and DNA research.

Within Robotics, there exists a diverse range of career opportunities: from mechanical engineering to software development, and from application specialization to product management or market segment management. Whether it’s in the technical, scientific, or financial field, we offer limitless opportunities for professional development.

Process Analytics

At Hamilton Process Analytics, we strive to create measurement solutions that give the greatest understanding and control of industrial processes. Serving a wide range of customers that ranges from biopharmaceutical makers to breweries, we lead the industry with best-in-class process sensors for measuring parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and even viable cell density.

Hamilton Process Analytics, a division of Hamilton Bonaduz AG, employs more than 200 personnel worldwide across several departments. We pride ourselves on a professional, yet relaxed culture that enables us to achieve ambitious goals.

Hamilton Medical AG

Hamilton Medical is a dynamic, internationally successful medical device company headquartered in Bonaduz, Switzerland. At Hamilton Medical, we live for ventilation technology. Technology that helps caregivers improve the lives of their critically ill patients. We believe that innovation is essential to meet the demands of critical care.

To strengthen our multinational team, we are looking for motivated people in all areas of the company: from software developers to medical or healthcare professionals, from engineers to export specialists, from production workers to regulatory affairs specialists, and from project leaders to product managers

Hamilton Storage GmbH

The employees of Hamilton Storage GmbH develop, produce and distribute robots, which manage up to 10 million Compounds. These Compounds are chemical substances with potential ingredients for medicaments, which are gathered and stored in a large number from pharmaceutical companies.

Hamilton Storage builds also robots to store biological substances under conditions at temperatures up to -80 degree Celsius. These robots are used for biobanks, which preserve blood samples, blood components, urine or saliva for the clinical research.

We are a young business unit, which was founded in 2015. We strive for innovation and operate in a dynamic environment with fascinating challenges. Therefore, we are continuously in search of qualified engineers in the area of electrical engineering, computer sciences, machine construction as well as technicians, sales representatives, biologist and application specialists.

Manufacturing Mechanic & Logistic

The different divisions of the Hamilton-Group are supplied with important components for their particular products by the Business Unit “Manufacturing”. Hand in hand 200 employees of the Mechanics, Plastics and Logistics ensure a reliable and accurate process inside the company.

You can expect an exciting and versatile working environment, in which you can find your personal challenge and become a member of a meaningful team.

Manufacturing Plastics

The Business Unit Manufacturing Plastics produces consumables, which are expendable materials for various products of the Hamilton-Group. These include attachments for the pipetting robots of the Hamilton Bonaduz AG or fitting suitables for our ventilators of the Hamilton Medical AG.

The Business Unit is one of the youngest of the Hamilton-Group and currently under development. Around the clock and with the latest injection moulding systems and automation systems, the Manufacturing Plastics produces high-end products in the field of the plastics treatment.

Various specialists from different backgrounds are on board of the Business Unit Plastics. For our products, we are looking for employees in the technical, the automation and the production area plus in the planning and the supervision of the work processes. We offer a young and dynamic work environment for ambitious, responsible, conscientious and sociable people. Therefore, the development opportunities are attractive and exciting.

Shared Services

To ensure that all business units can look after Hamilton’s core businesses, a dedicated team of specialist ICT professionals, finance, human resources, legal, and facility support each division. Around 130 employees provide the right framework conditions internationally so that every gearwheel within the Hamilton family can function properly.

Here you will find all the challenges in different areas. From chef to financial specialist, from craftsman to quality manager, from HR specialist to event manager.