Where Mountain and Minds Come Together

Here at Bonaduz, in the Rhine Valley near Chur, a number of cogwheels turn in perfect timing – each in its place, but all interlinking. Currently about 900 resourceful minds are building the future.

If you include the CEO, we are around 900 forward-thinking employees at Hamilton Bonaduz AG and Hamilton Medical AG. There may be more of us by tomorrow, as we are growing exceptionally fast. Could you, too, be joining us soon, on our interdisciplinary journey into the future of life science and medical technology?

We Only Stand On Ceremony with Visitors

We’re all on first-name terms here – just like in America. However, that doesn’t mean we are overfamiliar. We work in teams, and our hierarchies are flatter than elsewhere.

His Excellency Donald S. Beyer Jr., the US Ambassador in Bern, once dropped in to see us on a flying visit. This was in 2009, and we had just acquired our new building with a total 12,000 square meters of floor space. Donald Beyer appeared impressed at our position as market leader in laboratory robotics. And it’s true: our own «green shoots» are clearly evident amid our green surroundings. The forest is a stone’s throw from our site, and the mountain peaks, sometimes snow-capped, tower above. Regardless of the season, the weather is nearly always fine and sunny here (Forecast). What more could anyone want?

Lifestyle – Redefined at Last

There’s no doubt about it. We work where other people spend their vacation. After work, it’s time for a spot of biking, recreation with the kids in the rope park, snowboarding or skiing on the nearby pistes, or shopping in the pleasant old town of Chur. There’s bowling at the City West shopping center, or try a round of golf with friends in Domat Ems. With such varied facilities right here, the need to get away on holiday becomes less pressing. Still, Hamilton minds do just that – all for at least five weeks per year.

… and don’t worry: if you drop in to see us soon, we won’t address you as «Excellency.» Who knows? We might even find ourselves on first-name terms!

PS: If you move to our region, you’ll find city friends always asking for a spare room for the weekend. You’ll get used to it …