Andreas Bucher

Software Engineer

The Ideal Place to Start After College

For the longest time, Andreas Bucher found it hard to imagine leaving his beautiful hometown. But when he got a job at Hamilton, he did just that – and was pleasantly surprised.

Chur is only 88 kilometers away from Rapperswil, but at the beginning, Andreas still felt like he was in a completely different world, at least geographically speaking. He spent his childhood and youth in Rapperswil on Lake Zurich, where he later also studied electrical engineering with a major in software engineering at the HSR Hochschule für Technik. For the longest time, he found it hard to imagine leaving his beautiful hometown. But when he got a job at Hamilton, he did just that – and was pleasantly surprised.

For a few months now, Andreas has been living in Chur West, in a modern high-rise building in the new town area of Chur. After flat sharing for several years, at 27 years old, he now has his own place for the first time. Here is what he has to say about Chur: “Chur’s nightlife is right on my doorstep, the mountains are only a stone’s throw away, and I can get to Hamilton by public transport within a few minutes.”

A Bachelor’s Thesis Leads to Permanent Employment
The first time he heard about Hamilton was during his time at college when the bachelor’s thesis topic was announced – the development of a RS-232 data logger dongle for Hamilton. In the context of the bachelor’s thesis, a functioning data recorder was developed, including software. Hamilton now produces the successor product derived from this product on a large scale. Intending to fill the gap between college and his long-held plans for going traveling, Andreas successfully applied for a four-month work placement at Hamilton. One thing led to another, and after the work placement, he was offered a permanent position as a software engineer in a team that is responsible for the user interface of ventilators. Andreas accepted the offer because this position was an ideal way to start his professional career. But before starting his working life once and for all, he went traveling for three months, visiting Cuba in order to learn Spanish, and the USA in order to improve his English.

Massive Code
Fast forward to the present, and Andreas has successfully completed his probationary period. He is thoroughly impressed with the company: “There is so much more to the coding than I first thought. You need time to understand everything. It’s best to take it step by step. One particularly interesting aspect of the job is also how complex the ventilation procedures are. And when you see the life-saving devices that you worked on being used, for example in a hospital or in a helicopter, it makes you truly proud to know that you contributed to such an important project.” He is also very impressed by the team. He praises the friendly atmosphere and helpful attitude of his coworkers.

Off to the Court
Andreas regularly heads to the squash court to let off some steam. A friend gave him the squash bug six years ago. Since then, he has been crushing opponents left, right, and center. But sometimes, he is the one who works up more of a sweat. “Whoever doesn’t feel completely exhausted at the end is the one who played better,” he says with a chuckle. He uses squash to clear his head. But it is not just on the squash court that you can find Andreas letting off steam – you are just as likely to find him at the Selig club or QBAR in Chur. “When it comes to going out, Chur is actually almost better than Rapperswil. And the people in Chur are more easygoing than in other places,” he says enthusiastically. Andreas has definitely made the Alpine town of Chur his home – and he plans to stay for quite a while.