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Whether you’re interested in development, production, sales or another area: We offer a wide range of possibilities and opportunities. We operate successfully in all of our market sectors and we are enjoying steady growth. We are looking for specialist staff across a number of our areas. Working with us, you will be able to apply your ideas and energy and thus contribute to the success of the company while also advancing your own career.

Research / Development

We have always stood out for our strong Research and Development department. In cooperation with our international partners and customers, we work on finding solutions for the future. As a family-owned company, we have the necessary perseverance to ensure that the products we develop will always provide the benefits and value that our customers can expect of us. We are well known for our innovation and we see this as the foundation stone for our future success as well.

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Procurement / Supply Chain / Logistics

The Supply Chain and Logistic areas have an overview of the entire materials management process and are jointly responsible for the information and cash flows in the supply chain. This includes, for example, the delivery and return of materials and their storage, as well as the long-term assurance of the required materials, or maintaining relations with suppliers and conducting negotiations with them. Furthermore, suppliers for new Hamilton products will need to be evaluated in collaboration with the Development department. Our specialist staff in this area have a lot of responsibility. As processes become more complex, and in an environment where market conditions are continually changing, the importance of a well-functioning supply chain and logistics management operation is growing ever greater.

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Sales / Technical Support

We assist our customers in the process of selecting the right products and configuring them to match their requirements. Our colleagues working in Sales and Technical Support assist existing customers, provide user support and offer advice to new customers purchasing complete systems and individual solutions.

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Marketing / Product Management

Maintaining close contact with our customers is one of our strengths. The Marketing and Product Management area understands the requirements of our customers. Our product managers assist customers with their queries, record their feedback and channel this back into the further development of the products. Our marketing specialists keep a close eye on the market and identify appropriate measures to ensure the introduction of new products. They also handle the entire communication process.

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Mechanics / Production / Product & Process Care / Sustaining Engineering / Manufacturing Engineering

We produce high-tech products that stand out for their quality, precision and diversity. We produce and install a large portion of the components ourselves. In this way, we ensure that our new developments can be implemented quickly and flexibly. The Mechanics unit produces components for all company areas in close cooperation with our colleagues in the Development departments. We are looking for process engineers and specialist staff to work in polymechanics and automation.

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Quality Management / Regulatory Affairs

As we are a company operating in the health sector, this is an area of major importance. Firstly, our products must meet the highest quality requirements and, secondly, market approvals must be arranged with different countries and authorities.

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Shared Services: Compliance / Facility Management / Finance & Controlling / Human Resources / ICT / Logistics

Hamilton Services AG acts as Hamilton’s internal services provider. It provides all of the supporting processes centrally and uniformly, in the form of services rendered to all Hamilton companies. We are seeking services-oriented specialists to join this Services area: from finance experts and craftspersons to computer experts and HR specialists.

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Further Information

History and Milestones

Innovation and consistency. Hamilton’s company history has always been closely linked to these two attributes, which form the basis of our successful history.

Working With Us

We are offering you the right environment to live out your passion in your specialist field and beyond. Working with us, you will be able to contribute your ideas and actively help to shape Hamilton’s future.

Development Opportunities

We are continuously developing ourselves every day to ensure that we remain innovative in the dynamic arena of the health industry. Hence, we place great value on having diverse opportunities for further training and individual development.

We have always associated Switzerland with beautiful scenery, great quality of life and diverse culture.

Barbara Liebl

Team Leader HR Business Partner, Hamilton Services AG

I was looking for a job where I could put myself out there and have an impact.

Flavio Fontana

Head of Engineering Digital Solutions, Hamilton Medical AG

We are world market leaders in various sectors of the life science industry. It’s fun to be involved in the development of such equipment. In addition, we produce highly useful products that ultimately benefit people.

Carl Meinherz

Electrical Engineer, Hamilton Bonaduz AG
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