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Hamilton Group companies have been providing solutions for the health sector since 1950.

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What We Do

We are an innovative pioneer in the fields of ventilators, automated pipetting and sample management, as well as in the development of process sensors.

We are continuously driving forward the development of new solutions. Hospitals, laboratories and other institutions across the globe rely on us, and our products and services – both now and in the future.

Hamilton Bonaduz AG

Hamilton Bonaduz AG develops automated pipetting robots for handling a very broad range of fluid types. With our sensors, we are also leading innovators in the area of process analytics.
Hamilton Bonaduz AG’s subsidiary company, Hamilton Storage GmbH, is a leading supplier of automated sample storage systems for research laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostics companies, and government institutions.


Our Offering



Subsidiary Companies

  • Germany: Hamilton Germany GmbH
  • United Kingdom: Hamilton Sales & Service UK Ltd.
  • France: Hamilton France SARL
  • Italy: Hamilton Italia S.r.l.
  • Sweden: Hamilton Nordic AB
  • Spain: Hamilton Iberia S.L.U.
  • Belgium: Hamilton Benelux B.V
  • China: Hamilton (Shanghai) Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Hamilton Storage Germany GmbH (subsidiary company)

Hamilton Medical AG

Hamilton Medical AG is a leading manufacturer of intelligent ventilators. Whether in ICUs, during emergency rescue transport or an MRI scan – our solutions cover a multitude of patient groups, applications and environments.


Our Offering


Subsidiary Companies

  • Germany: medin Medical Innovations GmbH
  • France: Medical France SARL
  • USA: Hamilton Medical, Inc.
  • United Kingdom: Hamilton Medical UK Ltd.
  • China: Hamilton Medical AG Beijing Representative Office
  • India – Hamilton Medical India PVT. LTD.

Hamilton Services AG

Hamilton Services AG acts globally as a service provider within the Hamilton group. Whether the matter concerns human resources, ICT or compliance, Hamilton Services AG is responsible for performing important tasks for all Hamilton companies in Europa and Asia.


Our Offering

  • Shared Services:
    Supporting services


Hamilton Central Europe SRL

In the Romanian city of Timișoara, Hamilton Central Europe occasionally produces microliter syringes with manual and automated valves for scientific research laboratories, laboratories for analytical applications and ICUs.


Our Offering

  • Laboratory analysis products:
    Microliter syringes



Hamilton Company

Similarly to Hamilton Bonaduz AG, Hamilton Company in the US city of Reno develops and produces automated pipetting robots for handling a very broad range of different fluid types. Likewise, it also produces sensors in the area of Process Analytics.


Our Offering

  • Robotics:
    Pipetting robots
  • Process Analitycs:
    Process measurement technology / sensors



Our CEOs and Managing Directors

Steve Hamilton

CEO Hamilton Company / Vice President Strategic Planning

Dr. Martin Frey

CEO Hamilton Bonaduz AG / Central Europe SRL / Hamilton Storage GmbH

Robert Hamilton

CEO Hamilton Medical, Inc.

Matthew Hamilton

MANAGING DIRECTOR Hamilton Storage Technologies INC. / Vice CEO Hamilton Company

Further Information

History and Milestones

Innovation and consistency. Hamilton’s company history has always been closely linked to these two attributes, which form the basis of our successful history.

Working With Us

We are offering you the right environment to live out your passion in your specialist field and beyond. Working with us, you will be able to contribute your ideas and actively help to shape Hamilton’s future.

Development Opportunities

We are continuously developing ourselves every day to ensure that we remain innovative in the dynamic arena of the health industry. Hence, we place great value on having diverse opportunities for further training and individual development.

Our projects have similar team sizes, similar budgets and similar schedules to startups. The big difference at Hamilton is that we don’t have to chase after money. We can focus fully on our innovations.

Yavuz Çelik

Product Manager, Hamilton Bonaduz AG

I live out my artistic, romantic side in music and my serious side at work.

Regina Alves

ICT Business Engineer, Hamilton Services AG

The result is an innovation for humanity, and this makes me extremely proud.

Jonas Hilti

Control Technology Engineer, Hamilton Bonaduz AG
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