The Operations business unit is organizationally part of Hamilton Bonaduz AG, but produces parts for all Hamilton companies; for example, also for Hamilton Medical AG. Hamilton’s goal is to produce as many parts as possible in-house. In so doing, we remain agile, independent and efficient. We focus on the highest quality, use modern technologies and seek to make production as sustainable as possible.

    In the Manufacturing Consumables department, injection molded parts are produced on highly automated production lines, for example the tips for our liquid handlers. In the Assembling department, complex machanical and electronic assemblies and instruments are built together, and in the Production Mechanics department, metal and plastic parts are manufactured using high-precision turning and milling technologies. Coordination and planning as well as ensuring materialization for these departments are also integral parts of the Operations Business Unit.

    I live out my artistic, romantic side in music and my serious side at work.

    Regina Alves

    ICT Business Engineer, Hamilton Services AG

    I was looking for a job where I could put myself out there and have an impact.

    Flavio Fontana

    Team Leader Engineering Digital Solutions, Hamilton Medical AG

    We are world market leaders in various sectors of the life science industry. It’s fun to be involved in the development of such equipment. In addition, we produce highly useful products that ultimately benefit people.

    Carl Meinherz

    Electrical Engineer, Hamilton Bonaduz AG
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