Yavuz and the “Hamilton Startup”

Yavuz has found the perfect place to live in Graubünden – from a professional and a private standpoint.

Yavuz Çelik finds something new to enjoy about his journey to work from Rhäzüns to neighboring village Bonaduz every day. Born in Istanbul, and having studied at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), he is used to things being more hectic. “I don’t miss life in the big city. It’s a luxury to get to work in just ten minutes, with no tailbacks, and just wonderful to walk through the fields and enjoy the breathtaking alpine views.”

Yavuz says there are several reasons why he ended up at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. Firstly, the professional challenge of being part of the world’s most innovative company in the field of process sensors for medicine manufacture. Secondly, he wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

When Yavuz talks about Hamilton, his enthusiasm is palpable. He started out as a developer in the Process Analytics business unit and is now a product manager – a job that puts him in very close contact with the customers. If they have a concern or a request regarding the product, he tries to take account of this in the next product version. Yavuz describes his work like this: “I represent the customers in the company – that’s the job of a product Manager at Hamilton.”

Alongside closeness to the customer, power of innovation is the decisive factor for success at Hamilton, as Yavuz puts it. The maxim “We drive innovation to improve people’s lives” is embedded in everybody’s DNA, and Hamilton offers the perfect environment for being innovative. Yavuz often feels like he is in a start-up company. “Our projects have similar team sizes, similar budgets and similar schedules to startups. The big difference at Hamilton is that we don’t have to chase after money. We can focus fully on our innovations.”

    Yavuz doesn’t hide the fact that the work can also be challenging and tough – making it all the more invaluable for him to be able to relax in the heart of nature. “We have two idyllic mountain lakes – Caumasee and Crestasee – just around the corner. It’s so easy to find a balance there.” And it’s also because of nature that Yavuz and his wife intend to stay in Graubünden. “Everything here is just right. We like walking, skiing and spending weekends in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Chur – the capital of Graubünden – may be small, but it has everything you would find in a big city.” What’s more, Zurich with its international airport is just a 90-minute drive away, as Yavuz points out. “I grew up in Istanbul, where it often takes 90 minutes just to get from A to B in the city. With this in mind, Zurich is very close by.”

    Yavuz has found his perfect place to live. He combines the professional challenge and the many development opportunities with an outstanding quality of life in Graubünden.

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