U.S. Ambassador Scott Miller visited Hamilton


US Ambassador Scott Miller visited Hamilton in Domat/Ems on Monday morning.

Board President Andreas Wieland and Gianina Viglino-Caviezel, Managing Director of Hamilton Services AG, showed the interested U.S. ambassador Hamilton’s product range and the production of ventilators. The program included not only discussions with the management of the Hamilton companies, but also an exchange with the apprentices. Miller has already raved about the Swiss apprenticeship program on several occasions and has set himself the goal of promoting such an opportunity in the U.S. as well.​​

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Media report19.05.2021

High-tech coronavirus aids “made in Graubünden”

Throughout the pandemic, it was mainly the high-tech company’s ventilators that got noticed. But Hamilton also contributed with testing robots, sensors used in vaccine production, and other life science solutions in order to assist with crisis management and boost efficiencies right across the globe.

Our projects have similar team sizes, similar budgets and similar schedules to startups. The big difference at Hamilton is that we don’t have to chase after money. We can focus fully on our innovations.

Yavuz Çelik

Product Manager, Hamilton Bonaduz AG

We have always associated Switzerland with beautiful scenery, great quality of life and diverse culture.

Barbara Liebl

Team Leader HR Business Partner, Hamilton Services AG

I can put my theoretical knowledge into practice here.

Adrian Joost

Working Student, Hamilton Medical AG
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